You could text custom messages from The Upside Down with this Stranger Things art installation tribute.
 A collaboration for Artists of Sacramento with Laura Marie Anthony, Coday Anthony, Adam & Aaron Stewart. 
Curated by Sarah Marie Hawkins of Menagerie.


"Receiver" was an ArtStreet installation for Retrograde Collective, and collaboration between Laura Marie Anthony, Arielle Robbins, and Coday Anthony. A collected series of sounds, music, and spoken word from local artists could be heard on loop if you picked up the receiver.
Recording of the audio for review coming soon!
Another collaboration with Arielle Robbins and Coday Anthony for Retrograde Collective. Curated by M5 Arts for TBD Fest 2015.
A collaboration with Laura Marie Anthony, Coday Anthony and Jenny Davison.
Curated by Herine Thoroughly of Peach House Presents: Day Dream Festival 2018. 
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